Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To the nines!

A friend of mine posted a beautiful photo on facebook
showing a gorgeous table setting that someone had done
for Easter.
It was beyond beautiful
complete with decorative plates, handmade place settings
and napkin ring holders.

The plates matched the table cloth which coordinated
with the napkins
which were accented by the center arrangement.

There was even a bowl of eggs that were stamped to match the whole thing!

All I could think about was who the heck is this person
and how in the world did she not only have time to plan such a setting
but also stamp those darn eggs!?
I pictured the 8 yr old plastic plates
and the boring everyday dishes in my own cabinets.
I am further plagued with the complete lack of acceptable linens
and mismatched mugs we've collected over the years.

Where is my perfectly coordinated life?
I fully intended for it to be here by now.

When I was young and still dreaming about what my life would be like,
I used to cut out pages from magazines
with decor that I liked.
I would plan in my head what my home would look and feel like.

At some stages in my life and in some of our homes,
I've been able to abandon reason for creativity
and as a result, I created fun unique spaces
that showed off our personality.

But the last few moves we've made have been short and sweet,
hardly leaving enough time to unpack all of our boxes,
let alone make it pretty.

This is one of the challenges in being a Navy wife.

Matching dish sets become casualties to heavy handed movers.
Heavier furniture often gets left behind to meet weight limits.
Curtains never fit from house to house.
Furniture may not arrange in the new space
in a way that is functional for your family.
Beds may not fit up the narrow staircases of old New England houses.
Rugs may not fit new room dimensions.
Land lords, or Navy housing management, differ greatly in what
they will let you do to make a house your home.

I think I've lost my mojo along the way.
I love beauty.
I adore creativity.
I enjoy arranging things that are visually appealing
and a bit of a surprise.

Taking something old and making it new again
is a joy to me.
But somehow over the past few years,
I've given up that side of me out of sheer frustration.
It makes no sense to invest in items that are specific to one home
and then hope it fits your next one too.
But then on the other hand,
it's hard to live in a space that you have lost the desire to personalize.
I like to look around my home and smile,
not cringe.

Practicality has prevailed and now I live in boring spaces
with little personality.
A victim of sensable neutrals
with my only savior being my fabulous red couch
which just begs for colorful companions.

This displeases me immensely.

Lately though, I sense a change.
Little thoughts that whisper into my dormant creative spirit
and remind it of the hutch sitting in the garage.

"Paint it", the whisper nudges.
"Paint it a bold, fun color like turquoise and distress it!"
Now a flurry of thoughts take over.
"Bold and fun?
Hey, I'm bold an fun.
I AM bold and fun!"
Reason seems to bait me with an ever so quiet challenge
"proove it!"
OK, if I paint it and bring it in, I know exactly where I'll put it.
Then I could bring the chest of drawers upstairs and
arrange it here.
It will need a coat of paint too.

And that storage bench needs to go here in front of the window.
I'll need to recover it with a more vibrant fabric though.

And, oh my....those curtains will not do.
I will probably have to dye them to get the color I want.

How is that for bold and fun, Mr. Reason?

Now, if I'm bringing in the turquoise blue to accent the red and white
in one room and the black in another room,
I'll have to do away with the spring green and brown I've already got there.
This means new pillows or pillow covers.
The process goes on and on,
but the exciting part is that I'm thinking again.
We've only got a year and a half left here,
but as my disdain for my current blah decor grows,
practicality shrinks.
After all, the fun colors of turquoise blue and red very tastefully done
in a beach cottage with a funky twist sort of way
could work in the next house too, right?
Probably not, but a girl can dream, can't she?
In honor of 9-9-09 day,
I've scoured the internet with my virtual scissors
and have clipped 9 photos of a few items and looks that would really
spunk up my decor with a little personality
and totally dress it up to the nines!!


momy4him said...

love this post! i'll have to post my fav pics on my blog too!
it needs updating after all...

Cheryl said...

The style reminds me of Anthropologie. I LOVE that store. Can't wait to see what you do!

Anonymous said...

Wow Becca, you have a gorgeous blog. Your pics are stunning! You inspire me to do the same on my blog.

Best Wishes

Misty said...

LOVE IT!! I love these colors, this is what I'm doing in my dark, windowless basement. I'll be sharing mine soon. Thanks for sharing!! Good luck!