Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Your Motor Runnin'.......

Head out on the highway!
Lookin' for adventure.....
or whatever comes our way!
Both boys are driving!!!!
Zachary and Michael both have their permits
and are enrolled in a private driving school.
The driver's ed program is not offered in any high school
here in Washington,
so in order for any child
under 18 to get their license,
they must first complete
a private driving school course
and it aint cheap!
Zach has had a years more experience
behind the wheel than Michael,
and is driving to and from work,
on the interstate,
and on busy streets in town.
He is doing great!
He likes speed though
and it takes alot of concentration on his part
to keep his eye on that speedometer!
Michael is right behind him
and learning fast!

I'm a skittish passenger anyway,
so it really takes alot of
control on my part to
not freak out when one of them is driving!!
I'm so glad David is here
to do most of the shot gun riding.
He's so patient and has a more sane
view of being on the road with a new driver.
I'm literally thinking I could be taking my last
breath and leaving my children motheress
at any moment,
and that's not good for anyone's confidence!

Zach will get his full-blown license
in a few months,
and Michael will get his in November of this year.
I can't wait for the freedom that
having two more drivers in the house will bring,
especially when David is deployed.
It sure will help alleviate the "having to be in 4 places at once"
syndrome that seems to attach itself to us moms!
On the other hand.....
along with that freedom
comes a whole new set of fears and worries.
Sitting at home while your child is out on the roads
driving the car on their own
just might trump
white knuckling it in the passenger seat
while said child learns how not to kill us
or anyone else!
I will have to practice deep breathing
and the art of distraction.
I will also have to develope some sort of
deterrant to keep me from
picking up the phone
every 15 minutes just to make sure they are
still OK.
Oh, the storms we weather in our hearts and minds
as we learn to let go of what we love so intensely.

Here is Madison and I
in the back seat while Michael was driving.
This is one of my forms of distraction.
I used this particular one
as we were approaching a busy intersection.

It worked.
I didn't scream,
"Oh my gosh, we are all going to die!" even once
during that driving trip!


Laura said...

friggen ace man! *Thats my new saying...dunno why or where it came from but anyway* Okay so...

1. You have such a sweet car! Totally not a dork model...not that your in anyway a dork but still sweet car! Seriously.

2. Congratz on not saying were all gonna die. Cause I felt that way driving...and still do...also why I am 20 something with no fail LoL

3. You know they are good drivers when you can be taking photos and they don't even flinch though I am sure they are used to the camera by now, its awesome that you took there pics.

4. LOVE the pic of you and Maddie.

Take care, safe driving and less worries ^_^

Rebekah said...

The other day I mentioned to Chad that his car (the older of our two) would be a good one to give Nicole when she starts driving. He said he could barely wrap his brain around that idea, because he was still stuck on imagining our 9 year old driving. I replied it will be here before you know it!!

That last pic is great - she look so much like her beautiful momma :)

Anonymous said...

Teenagers ... Remember when we were there? Our oldest son's been driving for over a year, and our daughter will start after her birthday in September. My baby boy is 12 today, so we have a few more years for him. They grow up too fast!