Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photo session sneaks......

I was so honored to do this session!
I met Melissa through e-mail this year.
Both of our husbands are officers
on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
Although Melissa and I
developed a friendly
e-mail relationship,
we never met face to face
until the night of the Christmas party
at the Casino Resort.
We ate dinner together and
found that we had alot in common.
She is also a lover of photography and does amazing work!
We talked all night and arranged to get her girls
and Bren together
in the future.
Melissa's husband just received orders to
serve in Iraq for almost a year and a half.
He'll be leaving soon,
so this session was very important
to provide memories that they
can all hold in their hands
when they are missing each other.
Which will be often.
Melissa is strong though
and an amazing mom too,
so I'm sure she'll
do better than even she expects.
no matter how you package it,
separation is hard.
Keep Melissa and her sweet family
in your thoughts and prayers this year.
I know the coming year and beyond
is going to be tough on them.
But I also know that
Melissa has a strong support system
and a great attitude
about how she'll handle the deployment.
I'll be counting down the days
with her and
remain constantly thankful
that our Nation has honorable men
who are willing to serve
so that our children can have a
safer more secure future.

Thank you Melissa and Carlo,

for letting me into your home

to capture a bit of your

life through my lens.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

I put together this quick slideshow

of our Christmas morning.

The kids were both surprised and

happy with all of their gifts.

It was so much fun watching them open

up things that we knew they really wanted.

The only thing that would have made it better

is if Nana could have been here!

We cancelled her flight due to bad weather.

We had more snow this morning

making it our first official white Christmas!

(turn my blog music off before enjoying the slideshow!)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

From our home in the
Pacific Northwest.
to each of your homes
all across America,
Canada and beyond,
we wish you a
Very Merry Christmas!!

This card was made by

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Gingerbread house

We've had this kit for weeks
just sitting on our kitchen table
waiting for the right time.

Bren's been asking to make it for the last several days,
but there's always been another more pressing distraction in our way.

But today was finally the day!!
Bren was so excited when she asked to put it together
and I said yes!

I'm notorious for grand plans,
but droopy, lack luster results,
so we kept it simple this year.

Bren had so much fun putting her candies
all in a line.
She snuck a few and gave them to Michael
who kept stopping by to check our progress.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already!!!!
We're done shopping for presents
and the ingredients for Christmas dinner,
everything is wrapped,
cards are mailed,
and most of my baking is done.
Just two more batches of cookies to make.

And now with the completion of our gingerbread house
we are ready for Santa!

How about you?
Are you ready for Christmas
or will you be among the many
who frantically search the isles
of over crowded stores tomorrow?
Be careful out there!
Most of the nation is as frozen as we are here
and our roads are no fun to be on right now.
I'll post our Christmas card on the blog tomorrow.
I had a fun one made by a talented digital guru!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party!!!

Armed with tire chains,
we set out on Thursday afternoon
for our much anticipated
USS Abraham Lincoln
Christmas Party!

The party was held at Tulalip Casino and Resort
in Marysville.
The resort part is brand new and it was stunning!

Check out our room!

We got ready and headed down to dinner.

The ball room was decorated so beautifully!
The food was amazing too!
We had prime rib, seafood lasagna,
shrimp cocktail,oysters on the half shell,
pork tenderloin, fettucinni alfredo,
and all kinds of other yummy dishes
in a gorgeously displayed buffet!

This was the view from our room on the 9th floor.

This night was our first overnight date without the kids
in almost 16 years!
We had so much fun together, played penny slots until 3:30 am,
won and lost and won and lost
until we ended the night $14 down from when we
You can't beat $14 for an entire evening of fun!
We're definitely planning on doing it again
sometime this Summer.
The next day after enjoying
a huge breakfast buffet,
the valet brought us our car.
This car was a gift from my mom
and was shipped all the way from Maryland
this past October!
We were so thankful to have the valet bring us this
instead of the mini-van!
Not that I don't love and apreciate my mini-van,
but there's something about it that screams
"kids and responsibility"
and we weren't quite ready to be jolted back to reality
right there in front of the resort.

The drive home was an endless display
of another night of snow and freezing temperatures.

I won't show you photos of
the messy living room
we came home to,
the sink full of dishes
the still sleeping 17 year old
who was supposed to do them!
All in all, the kids faired pretty well.
Everyone was fed, warm and safe,
and we only got about 7 calls from them
during the course of our evening!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

While David is out getting chains put on our tires,
I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what
is going on outside!
It is STILL snowing!!!
And not just a little bit.
It's really coming down out there!

We are still going to our party tonight.
All I've got to do is pack a bag
so we can get dressed
in our fancy clothes when we get there.
David is thinking that our odds
to win a great door prize or raffle
is going up with each inch of snow that
sticks to the ground!

The kids are really enjoying this!!
The snowboard ramp that the boys have
been working on all day
is almost complete!
Neighbors are building forts and having snow battles,
families are sledding down the middle of our
icy roads,
smoke is pouring from almost every roof top
insuring cozy comfort inside each snow covered home.

I have to admit,
it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Just look at how the snow has changed
my mountian view into a
winter wonderland!

Makes me want hot chocolate
just looking at it!

Snow Days!!!!

Last night we had our second snow storm
of the season.

There was no school today,
Bren and Miss K had a blast
playing out in the snow!
Check out these two adorable little snow bunnies!

David and I had to run a few errands
so we ventured out into the great un-plowed, icy unknown.

The first few routes we attempted to take were closed,
but we finally found a way into town.

These photos were taken before the majority of the snow
fell this afternoon.
We've got a good 8-10 inches on the ground now and
most of that has fallen in the past 5 hours.

We'll be getting tire chains tomorrow.
Our neighbor is going to drive David up to the store to get them.
Then we'll be able to traverse these hills with a little more confidence.

Bren and I went outside tonight
when the snow started coming down really strong.
She rode sleds with the neighbors, threw snowballs at me
ran around like a fearless kid with endless energy!
I just tried to keep myself from hitting the ground!

The snow still hasn't stopped!!
I wonder what we'll wake up to tomorrow?

David and I will be going to his command Christmas
Party tomorrow at a Casino/resort called Tulalip.
We reserved a room and are so excited to have
our first overnight stay without the kids in 15 years!
I'd say we're overdue, huh?